Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Working on the Upcoming Talk on Self Publishing your Book

Hard at work on getting my material ready for my upcoming March 21 talk on publishing. You can check out details at our Boston Internet Marketing Meetup Pages

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Publishing and E-Book Sales for 2011, E-Book Up, Physical Books Down

Good update on on the state of publishing and the impact of e-books for 2011. It looks like e-book revenues were up 117.3% in 2011 with hardcover, paperback and mass market sales declining. This is a trend that I believe will continue. One point I have though on this is that while the declining gets a huge amount of attention and e-books look like where the world is going there are still a lot of physical books being sold. So in your publishing efforts don't forget that you should be doing both.

Link here to read the full article on

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Table of Notes for Make, Market Publish Your Book Course

Table of notes that I needed to organized before beginning writing my rough outline
Here are the table of notes that I pulled together into the rough outline for the Make, Market Publish Your Book course

Using DragonSpeak for the iPad was Amazing

iPad with DragonSpeak with Notes on Publishing Course
I spent the entire day Saturday getting my Make, Market Publishing Book in text format, I used DragonSpeak on my iPad and spoke all the notes. It took me a bit of effort and I lost a couple of modules but I have figured it out, I think I have saved days of work doing it this way. 
I spoke the book into DragonSpeak. DragonSpeak on the iPad is kind of touchy so what you do is speak in a paragraph at a time, build up 10 or so paragraphs, then copy text to Evernote and save it. Now I will push it all together in Word, print it out and start editing. I need a basic book for the workshop and the hour talk in a month. I am well on my way. I basically wrote a book in there days.
Tips for using DragonSpeak on the iPad
If you are using DragonSpeak on an iPad it is kind of picky. Here is what I figured out, you can get out about a paragraph of talking before it needs to process. So talk for a paragraph then stop. Tap the screen and it stops recording, and processes the words. The processing is being done in the cloud, that is why it can only do a paragraph amount at a time. The trick is to stop before it stops. Initially I had a little probem getting it to save, I kept loosing the text when I would email it. So once I figured that out I copied the text and dropped it in Evernote and saved it there. 
Dragonspeak is able to email its text but twice it didn't email correctly and I lost the text, that is a pain. So now I do it this way. Learn "Next Line and Next Paragraph" voice commands, these will give you breaks and spaces, other wise it is all one big mess. Overall it is fantastic. I saved days of time. I talked out 30 pages of text in basically one afternoon. Now I will do my editing, but the basic stuff is all there. 
If I want to start making more books, I might buy a new MacAir and the real program, you could really move quickly. It is pretty amazing.

Inspiration to Develop My Make, Market Publish Your Book Course

Here is picture of my notebook with all the ideas written out for the course on how to Publish and Market a book. This weekend I will start giving it some shape
I am taking the Make, Market and Launch Course I am taking has really inspired me to move forward with an idea for developing a product to help people make publish and market their books. I have loved working with books for years and have done 14 on my... own, they are now selling on Amazon, I have people coming to my design business now wanting to have me teach them and learn how also, lets turn this effort into a course. I am using the teach a workshop and record it technique to get it going. 
Last weekend I sat down and wrote out 9 modules of info. Now I need to turn it into a book for building a list and then the course and last night set up the talk for March 21 to give a lecture on it. We set it up at 6:00 and by 10:00 we had 6 signups, this morning we had 10, oh now 11. I guess I better get writing. I am just jumping off the cliff, weeeee, this is going to be fun

Excellent Article on Formating Your Books

I discovered an excellent blog called Become a Successful Author by Deatri King-Bey. Her article Formatting Is Your Friend covers in very nice detail the basics of formatting your ebook or your print on demand physical book. This can be a very confusing are because of all the options and it is constantly changing. As she says "find instructions for formatting a manuscript so you’ll have fewer issues when you convert it to an eBook.  Following the eBook formatting are instructions for print book formatting." Check it out

Join Us as we learn to make, market and publish our books

The adventure has begun and we will be bringing you through our journey of making books, marketing book, and publishing books. This blog will document this process