Sunday, February 26, 2012

Inspiration to Develop My Make, Market Publish Your Book Course

Here is picture of my notebook with all the ideas written out for the course on how to Publish and Market a book. This weekend I will start giving it some shape
I am taking the Make, Market and Launch Course I am taking has really inspired me to move forward with an idea for developing a product to help people make publish and market their books. I have loved working with books for years and have done 14 on my... own, they are now selling on Amazon, I have people coming to my design business now wanting to have me teach them and learn how also, lets turn this effort into a course. I am using the teach a workshop and record it technique to get it going. 
Last weekend I sat down and wrote out 9 modules of info. Now I need to turn it into a book for building a list and then the course and last night set up the talk for March 21 to give a lecture on it. We set it up at 6:00 and by 10:00 we had 6 signups, this morning we had 10, oh now 11. I guess I better get writing. I am just jumping off the cliff, weeeee, this is going to be fun

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