Sunday, February 26, 2012

Using DragonSpeak for the iPad was Amazing

iPad with DragonSpeak with Notes on Publishing Course
I spent the entire day Saturday getting my Make, Market Publishing Book in text format, I used DragonSpeak on my iPad and spoke all the notes. It took me a bit of effort and I lost a couple of modules but I have figured it out, I think I have saved days of work doing it this way. 
I spoke the book into DragonSpeak. DragonSpeak on the iPad is kind of touchy so what you do is speak in a paragraph at a time, build up 10 or so paragraphs, then copy text to Evernote and save it. Now I will push it all together in Word, print it out and start editing. I need a basic book for the workshop and the hour talk in a month. I am well on my way. I basically wrote a book in there days.
Tips for using DragonSpeak on the iPad
If you are using DragonSpeak on an iPad it is kind of picky. Here is what I figured out, you can get out about a paragraph of talking before it needs to process. So talk for a paragraph then stop. Tap the screen and it stops recording, and processes the words. The processing is being done in the cloud, that is why it can only do a paragraph amount at a time. The trick is to stop before it stops. Initially I had a little probem getting it to save, I kept loosing the text when I would email it. So once I figured that out I copied the text and dropped it in Evernote and saved it there. 
Dragonspeak is able to email its text but twice it didn't email correctly and I lost the text, that is a pain. So now I do it this way. Learn "Next Line and Next Paragraph" voice commands, these will give you breaks and spaces, other wise it is all one big mess. Overall it is fantastic. I saved days of time. I talked out 30 pages of text in basically one afternoon. Now I will do my editing, but the basic stuff is all there. 
If I want to start making more books, I might buy a new MacAir and the real program, you could really move quickly. It is pretty amazing.

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