Saturday, March 3, 2012

How to Self Publish Your Book

I am working on an upcoming talk on self-publishing, which if all goes well will be turned into a small course about doing it. The talk will by March 21 in Cambridge MA through our Boston Internet Marketing Meetup group. It will at this point cover 4 topics. I am also hoping to have a tips booklet done for the event.  Below are the topics.

1. Building Your Platform and Researching Your Book
Learn how to put together a simple web based marketing system for pre-marketing, researching and developing your book.

2. Publishing Your Book
Learn about some of the popular sites for self-publishing
   Physical Books,
   e-books, Kindle, Nook and Tablet
   PDF books
   Tablet Books, iPad, Kindle Fire

3. Marketing Your Book
Learn a couple of techniques for marketing the finished book using your platform

4. Re-Purposing Your Content
Learn about how to expand your book into a product line.

I will be posting much of the information here on the blog from the talk.

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