Friday, March 23, 2012

Make, Market Publish Talk on March 21 and the Main Takeaways

J. Bruce Jones speaking at the Boston Internet Marketing Meetup Publishing Event
We had a great night at the Boston Internet Marketing Meetup with my talk on publishing your book. We had about 25 people and then a great pizza party afterwards. Huge thanks to Lew Sabbag and Keith Spiro. The main takeaways from the night were:
  1. Self publishing can be almost free with print on demand and Kindle publishing
  2. Huge changes happening in publishing, people are taking over
  3. All items sell, especially if you can drive traffic to Amazon and to your products
  4. Social Media and your online presence is super important
  5. Break things into smaller packages, instead of a 300 page book, do five 60 pages books
  6. Get Going, just start

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