Friday, March 16, 2012

Making Your Publishing Platform and Building Your Followers

I am going to put out parts from our new book, How to Publish and Market Your Book,

Chapter 1. Making Your Platform and Building Your Followers
This chapter is built on three ideas
  • Building your platform
  • Building followers
  • Reviewing your stats, doing research, and testing ideas

Build Your Platform
• Your publishing platform is based on a blog or website, your email list, people who come to your talks, any place you connect with your readers

• It is built on your social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Any place that you can connect, communicate and contribute to the conversation and collect followers.

• Your platform (blog or website) also allows you to assemble components for your book, text, images, videos, links, articles, etc. Once you have enough material assembled you can pull it off and create a book. In the mean time you have been communicating with people and building followers.

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