Thursday, March 15, 2012

Publishing Trends for 2012

Book and Publishing Trends
  • Bookstores are declining which will cause a lack of distribution and a drop in non-bestseller types of books such as specialty and coffee table books.
  • Traditional publishing houses will decline or be under intense pressure to sell just best sellers
  • Books are exploding across many different platforms, from e-book, tablet, audio, smart phone, pdf, and interactive.
  • Increasing growth of e-books and textbooks on tablets with interactivity, audio, video and animation
  • E-books will be huge in the education market, Apple is putting in lot of resources into this with release of iBookAuthor and selling them on the iBook Store
  • The definition of a book has changed from 300 pages to 30-50 pages to even less, from paper to electronic to media to interactive.
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