Saturday, March 24, 2012

Researching Your Topic Using the Power of Amazon

Use the Amazon Search box to take an initial pass at your top and key word phrase
Today we are starting a short series of posts on how to use to research and help you fill in the gaps in your topic.

To learn more about your topic, what is selling, if there is a market, what are the products and what people are saying about it, you can’t get any better information than Amazon is one of the most incredible sites and resources to look at to see people’s buying habits. If it is selling, it is selling on Amazon and people are writing about it. Their data is pulled collected from millions and millions of visitors looking for very specific products.

For this exercise we are going to pretend that we are working on a book on Fly Fishing. No real reason, just thought fly fishing would be fun. To start the process we will take our initial key word "fly fishing" and drop it into the Amazon search box. The first thing we notice as the we type the phrase is that words start to appear just below the box. This is Instant Search, this also happens in any of the popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube.

What you are seeing is Amazon's attempt to fit our phrase into other phrases that people have already type in. They are trying to guide you in the popular direction for this topic and get you to your book faster. This is very useful information that we can use on how we should be looking at our topic and making it work with the searching engines. What you will discover is that maybe we aren't setting up our phrase correctly, or we are missing a term, or the order of words, or maybe no one is searching on this term. Remember items on the web are found by search so you want match up and be found in search. What this also tells you is that people think in a very similar way.

This initial research will help you figure out your positioning, maybe the title,  areas you were missing. You can and should do this exercise in Google, Yahoo, Bing and also YouTube. You will see very different results in YouTube, but YouTube is searched 2-3 billion times a day.

Next post, looking at the results of your search, what shows up, products, that kind of thing.

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