Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Succeeding in Business as a Graphic Designer

A question came up in my Make, Market Launch course I am taking on getting a Kindle book up on Amazon. I hadn't done an ebook for a while as most of my books are print-on-demand so I went through some of my articles and adjusted one for a book.  

Getting a book is pretty easy, you can do it in a couple hours. You just need a MS Word file of your book and a cover image. If you want to just use the basic Kindle upload then the file should be very simple with very little formatting, bolds, italic, and not much more. Put in a title in the word file, then a page break, Table of Contents, then a page break and then the text of the book. Use the H1 style for chapter heads, just put one space between each paragraph. Generate a TOC, Kindle likes that. For the cover, 600x960 pixels at 72 dpi works just fine. I made mine with an image from Dreamstime.com and Adobe PhotoShop, but you could also use an paint program on one of the on line like FotoFlexer.com. You can also make one right off of your MSWord file with a screen capture program like Snagit.com, if you don't have PhotoShop. Keep it simple, fill in all the boxes they give you and you should be fine.

Most of the time was making adjustments to the text. I need to learn more about spacing between paragraphs. I also had to push together a cover pretty fast. My goal was to do this in one sitting.

Our book is Succeeding in Business as a Graphic Designer, Quick Tips for Developing a Second Income Stream with Your Graphic Design Knowledge. This book is about using your graphic design skills to develop a second stream of income that can help support you while you are managing and building your design business. Something that can give us a base under our regular graphic design business, sustain you when times are tough, and build a passive and continual stream of income. Tips include producing books, video products, products and more.

We will be writing more on this as we continue to add to our program. Check out our book at Amazon.com

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