Wednesday, March 14, 2012

U.S. Publishing Facts, and Exciting Time to Be Involved

Publishing is big and strong and changing. That is the message today. If you are coming from the traditional side of book, magazine and newspaper publishing you are no doubt going through some tremendous stress. If you are on the internet, e-book, tablet side you are also going through stress but in a much more positive way. There is a dynamic shift happening in how content is being delivered and consumed and it often feels like the wild west. It is an exciting time to be involved and to participate. I thought I would throw out a few facts to ponder.

U.S. Publishing Facts
• USA Today poll, 82% of Americans want to publish a book
• The Publishing Industry is a $8.5 Billion Market, made up of Adult Hardcover, Adult Paperback and Adult Mass Market*
• E-books have grown $969 Million*
• Children/Young Adult Paperback $546 Million
• Children’s/Young Adult Hardcover $661 Million*
• Educational Books Higher Ed $4.5 Billion
• K-12/High School $3.5 Billion
• University Press Hardcover and Paperback $120 Million
• Professional Books $812 Million
• Religious Books $645 Million*

• Most Books never sell more than 150 copies
• Almost 900,000 books were self published last year
• Amazon only sells 7-10% of all the books sold in the US, there are lots of channels
• 40 Million iPads we sold in 2011, 100 Million+ iPhones sold worldwide
• 5.9 Billion mobile subscribers
• Millions of Kindles


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