Monday, March 5, 2012

We Need Help with Our New Logo, Please Vote for Your Favoriate

I have been working hard pulling the pieces together for my talk on March 21 about our Make Market Publishing Your Book program. I spent a lot of time this past weekend pulling together some of the elements. I did a very quick temp logo for our Resource and Tips booklet. Time to work on a real logo and identity. I have come up with 4 logos and would love your feedback and which one you like. I realized that I could also drop in the .com address and solve two problems at the time. A logo and then a logo with the URL, that is why you see a couple of each. Please vote in the poll over on the right, thank you, comments welcome.

Logo ideas for the Make Market Publish Your Book Program

1 comment:

  1. tough choices.
    I would use B during the election campaign season and see if you can newsjack off other activities getting highlighted by the Media. D is the least politically confusing - for better or worse - Gotta think AUDIENCE. AUDIENCE. AUDIENCE.