Saturday, March 17, 2012

Why are Stats Important when Writing a Book

Stats, Research, Test
  • A key to understanding what readers are interested in is to using the built in stats package built into your blog or if you don't have one then installing Google Analytics to analyze what is being read on your blog and then responding to it. Set up a feed back loop, 
  • One goal in building your blog platform is to figure out what people are reading and interested in. Once you know this then you can write more on this topic, or add to this topic. Visitors figure out pretty quickly what your blog is about even if you don't actually know. Watching your stats is one of the ways to figure this out.
  • Test new material.
  • Blogs allow you to research different topics quickly and easily
  • Test concepts, plot lines, and designs with your readers using polls, set up surveys, and ask questions.
  • Get reactions and comments
  • Some writers even write their entire books right into the blog.
Most blogs have stats built right into them, if not then check out Google Analytics and get it installed. It is free and gives you some amazing information on what is going on with your blog or website.

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