Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Building of a Product with Make, Market Launch It

Over the last two months I have been taking a course with Mike Koenings and Pamela Hendrickson called Make, Market Launch It. The course is about how to build information products. Something I have been trying to do for several years but couldn't figure it out. Along came MML and it just seemed closer than anything else I have tried. I have used it to push me to develop my own product on how to publish books. I now have 14 books selling and what I am trying to do teach others how to do this.
I have now finished the course, I have gone through all 7 modules, every video, every pdf. I have learned a ton. That was my goal to watch the entire program before the conference that they are having in a week or so in San Diego. Through this program I have figured out a product to work on, how to publish a book, that seems to be evolving into how to live a freelance or independent life by building and publishing products based on what you do
Another goal from MML was to give an hour talk on my publishing system, use it as the foundation. Did that also in March in front of 25 people through the Boston Internet Marketing Meetup that I am part of, it went great. Huge thank you to Lew Sabbag who listened to my run throughs and offered lots of great ideas. Because I now talk about this stuff all the time people are now contacting me to have me help them with their books, how cool is that. That is what happens when you tell people what you are doing. 
My next step is rewriting the rough book I made for the talk and figuring out the parts of the product. My next goal is to have a product in the can by this September, a book, some modules, some videos, and offer it for sale. 
So a big thank you to Pamela Hendrickson and Mike Koenigs for this course, it has been a fantastic push to get this far. Because of this my life has changed over the last two months. I am in a new direction and all kinds of cool stuff is happening. Alright back to writing. To learn more about Make, Market Launch it checkout their website


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