Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Do You Have the Right Title for Your Book?

One of the things that happens when we write our book is that we often fall in love with the working title. This is the title that you use when you talk about your book to your friends and family. Very often this title doesn’t end up being a very good one for Google or Amazon search. Remember books are often found by searching. It is worth spending some time coming up with a good descriptive title, you are trying to get your book found. Using Google and Amazon instant search you can get a pretty good idea of how people look for your type of book. Combine this with the other titles you find when you research on your topic and come up with a good one. Try to work in the main keyword phrase that comes in the search results.

My first music chord book was called Notebook Music Chords, Chord and Music Charts for the Everyday Play, because I thought I would put my guitar chord charts into a notebook to take with me to gigs and music jams and it was directed to beginners. No one bought that book because no one searches for guitar chord books using the word Notebook, they search on guitar chords. After some research I realized a lot of people used the word Essential and guitar and mandolin chords. I renamed the book Essential Music Chords for Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele and Banjo. It has done fine.

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