Sunday, April 8, 2012

How to Make, Upload and Host a PDF Tips Sheet on Your Blog

We are often helping people get going with the marketing of their book. One of the first steps is publishing a small pdf chapter, or tips list or maybe a resource list for your readers. You can start distributing your content and getting it out there.

This video lays out how to make a simple tips sheet and host it on your blog so readers can download it.

Steps include:
1. Make a list of helpful tips in MS Word or some word processing program
2. Save it as a PDF
3. Extract the cover page and save it as a jpg for making your thumbnail
4. Make a thumbnail graphic for the blog in Photo shop or Paintbrush
 - Size should be about 3 inches at 72 dpi
5. Host your Tips sheet in Google Docs
6. Set the share option for the public, copy the link for use in your blog
7. Go back to your blog, add an picture widget to the side of your blog
8. Link this image to the pdf in your Google Docs using the share link
9. Test the link

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