Sunday, April 22, 2012

How to Make Your Blog Work as a System for Promoting Your Book

In our previous post, Marketing Your Book After it is Published, we talked about using the content of your book to build followers and attract Google's attention. We did this by blogging out the book paragraph by paragraph.

In this post I will talk about how to use your book blog as the beginning of a system around your book. Blogs are great places to assemble content and in the process of writing a book you most likely gathered a lot of information that was used to write it but never made it into the final product. We can now bring all that back and add more. This information makes great blog post and expands out the your book's reach.

Ok what are some of the things you can do?
  • Add additional content from the cutting room floor. Add and describe pictures, interviews, research material, maybe your thinking on the characters, the places you went
  • Conduct a fuller or further interview with the people that you might have featured in the book. Put in the full interview.
  • Additional tips, techniques, how about a workbook, pictures
  • People love to read about the behind the scenes stuff, how you did it, what did you have to go through. A key thing here is to save all this stuff while you are writing the book so that you can bring it back at this stage. The plane tickets, restaurant stub, menus, there is always tons.
  • Develop a course or an online lecture series that goes along with the book. Even if the course is free and is just a series of blog posts people will learn from it and you might find this becomes your next book.
  • A major goal here is to gather more names for your mailing list, maybe put some of this info behind the signup wall.
  • Set up a chance to meet the author, talk about where you will be and where they can meet you. You can also set up an online meet the author using one of the free video streaming sites such as, announce the date and time and give them a link. This technique can expand your reach globally.
  • The goal here is to add resources that add to the book or to the community around the book.
  • Use the Amazon receipt technique to capture a name from buyers of the book with the addition of bonus content. The person buys your book and then signs up to your mailing list using the Amazon receipt to get access to additional content. What is cool is that you are collecting the names of actual buyers of your book.

The task here is to use your blog as book central, make the book more than just a book but an entire system. Blogs are very good at attracting search traffic because they are updated a lot and are topic focused. Google like this and your readers like this.

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