Saturday, April 14, 2012

Marketing Your Book After it is Published

Bring in visitors from all over
Ok you have published your print book or e-book using CreateSpace/Amazon or Kindle, now comes the hard part getting people to buy it.

The reality is that most books rarely sell more than 150 copies in their lifetime without a lot of marketing time and money. So the challenge is to find ways of marketing that don’t cost a lot of money.

So what do you do? This is where your blog comes back into play. Hopefully you have built up an email list that you can promote your book back out to your have fans and followers. Along with your blog followers your can also connect with your Facebook friends, Linkedin connections, all of the people that are linked to you by your social media platforms.

A great way to promote your book is to blog the entire manuscript, page by page, paragraph by paragraph. Break your book down into small chunks, add clever titles, or story telling titles and then put it out to the world. The key is that you are using your content to attract Google searches. Once on the site you give people a clear path to purchase your book with a thumbnail picture of the cover and link to Amazon.

Authors worry about that people will just read their book here and not buy. Yes that is true, but most people don’t want to read a book one post at a time. But what you are really doing is helping the search engines find your content and send visitors to your site. If they are interested maybe they will buy your book if you give them a clear path to purchase. What you are really doing is building traffic using your book content. To get 1 buyer you need to bring in 100-200 visitors. More visitors more buyers.

From the blog you can also create events, market the author, conduct interviews, both written and in video, tie in other products, special editions, audio book-ipad, calendar, mugs, the list is almost endless.

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