Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Learn How I Published My New Book-How to Stand Out Online

Cover designed using a CreateSpace template

This past week I have been working on putting up a new book called How to Stand Out Online on CreateSpace.com in paperback. Shortly I will put up the same book on Kindle in ebook format and hopefully Smashwords.com for all the other platforms.

I am trying to do it without using any of my desktop publishing programs, using just what they give you in templates and such. I have been taking screen shots and notes on the effort. This info and effort will be used to produce the publishing tutorial modules in an upcoming book on getting your books up online.

It has been interesting to use just the CreateSpace software, it is pretty good. You have to make some compromises, or maybe I haven't figured out all the parts yet but overall I am pretty pleased. The insides of the book were formatted in MSWord and the cover was done using their cover tool.  It works, you need very little to publish a book.

Make sure you sign up over on the right, I am going to be releasing content from my upcoming book and course as I start pulling it together.

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  1. It's very great to info and effort will be produce tiutorial.that's help us to getting book online.