Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How to Find the Perfect Title for Your Kindle Ebook

Searching on Fly Fishing in Amazon search brings up all kinds of useful information
I was discussing a question with a colleague on how to find the perfect title for their upcoming Kindle ebook. I thought this would be great info for everyone.

Question: Help me find the perfect title for my kindle book!

My advice on the title is to search in Amazon in the regular area and in the Kindle books area. Start by dropping in what you think your title should be and watch the Instant search results that start to appear under what you are typing. This is Amazon's attempt to figure out what you are looking for. Pay attention to what appears, the words and phrases.

Then take a look at what books appear from what you typed in. Are these books similar to what your book is about. Look at the titles, you will find great info on what words should be in the title. Keep doing this until you have a good feel for how people search on your area, what brings up actual books in your subject area.

Kindle doesn't have subtitles where as the regular Createspace/Amazon paperback area does. So your title needs to be descriptive and keyed in on what people actually search on. Do the same thing in Google and in YouTube and see what shows up there also. Remember people often start their search in Google and then move to Amazon. Google indexes the Amazon books.

One of my key pieces of advice on book titles is don't fall in love with your working title, do the research in Amazon and figure out how people are searching and then apply it to your book.

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