Friday, May 11, 2012

How to Sell Your Book and Build a List At The Same Time

It is always worth paying attention to what is going on at Amazon. So here is an interesting idea to sell books.
  1. Set up a email signup page for access to a free course or information which is in reality your book that you release out bit by bit through your email auto responder. 
  2. Set it up for a regular release of the content, short lessons, once a week or so, tease the next release with "next week we will talk about Lesson 3, lesson 4, etc." Write your book so that it can be broken down into lessons or small chapters. Take an existing book and pull out some basic short lessons from it. Look at your table of contents and add two paragraphs to it
  3. Highlight that you can also just get all the information or the course faster by buying the book which is advertised on the side of the email. Aweber has some nice templates for doing this. 
  4. Don't have a book, then take an existing book from Amazon that is really good on your topic and make your own set of 10 lessons from it. Advertise this book in the email, use the Amazon affiliate program to make a little money and test it. Maybe just 4 lessons instead of 10 and that way your can continually test books to see which one people want while you are writing you own. You could build out an endless number of books, almost like a book club. Look at the chapter titles for what the lessons should be, rewrite in your own words. 
There are a lot of ways to spin this.

If your customer doesn't buy, so what, they are in your list with great content, yours or content inspired by someone who is a leader in your area. Your customer does buy and you make a few bucks with a buyer, use the Amazon receipt technique to give more content or a video presentation and capture the buyer again, again a win. In the Amazon receipt technique you tell the potential customer if they buy the book to come back with the receipt number and drop it in a sign up box for additional content, or the work book  or lessons or something.

Remember don't copy or plagiarize but be inspired. You can also use the Google Top Ten technique to come up with the autoresponder list. Google "top ten tips for XYX", you will see tons of top ten lists on your topic. Use variations of this phrase and you can very quickly pull together a top ten list. People love top ten lists, then market your's or someone else book on the side.

Here is the article that gave me this idea.
In this article from Pottermore CEO: New Amazon deal so big, any lost Harry Potter sales "more than made up for" it is highlighted how Amazon noted that 19% of Kindle readers who borrowed the first Hunger Games book ended up buying vol 2 or 3 of because they didn't want to wait. We don't all have Hunger Games but we might have "how to do X Y Z ..."

I do something similar, but I think I might switch around to this new idea.

One of my AWeber AutoResponder Pages for one of my map books

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