Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Publish Your Book Using Print On Demand with and

Over the next several posts I will cover some of the leading print-on-demand sites for publishing your books.

Print-on-demand means that books are printed when someone orders them from a site like or somewhere else. This is the future of publishing. You can get pretty fancy with your books, from black/white, to color, to different bindings, cover wraps, etc. The huge advantage is that you don't have to pay printing costs and have books sitting around in warehouses collecting dust and your money. Your printing and distribution costs drop dramatically, basically to just about $0 and you can focus on the writing, marketing and selling of your book. This also means that you don't need a large publishing company anymore. Publishing houses are valuable with all their services but they also had a large barrier to entry and they can take a long time to bring your book to market. Now with print-on-demand anyone can be a publisher and send their work out into the world. POD isn't just for books, you can also do CD, DVD, audio, video, and even physical products like hats, mugs, shirts, bags, etc. Home Page
One of the leading print-on-demand sites is which is a division of They offer a range of POD products from print to audio, iPod, CD to video, DVD and streaming video. It is a great service not only for the quality but also that it is connected directly to

CreateSpace is a great service for bringing your book to market:
  • It is trusted because its
  • They have a range of products and services from free on up to custom design interiors and covers.
  • You have no printing or shipping costs, this is basically free publishing.
  • Their standard distribution includes the site, Amazon Europe and their own CreateSpace eStore which you can brand to match your own website.
  • All books are assigned a unique ISBN number for tracking, CreateSpace will give you one for free or you can supply your own.
  • Books can be produced using their templates or you can supply your own hi res pdf files. Text or fully design books are uploaded to the CreateSpace site where they are processed and then moved over to Amazon for selling, printing and shipping.
  • Amazon takes care of display, printing, shipping, and depositing your royalty payments into your account.
  • Royalty payments are 2 to 3 times more than traditional publishers.
  • Why Amazon, well it has over 94 million visitors a month and has a large book distribution system. It is also a trusted name with huge brand recognition I recommend buying the ProPack option for $25. this gives you access into their expanded system. This gives you distribution to bookstores, libraries, academic institutions and other online retailers.
  • The site includes templates, training videos, and excellent help.
  • Excellent pricing if you decide to use them as a printer, you can also ship books wherever you need.
  • Pay a small fee and you can move your book over to the Kindle platform.
You can check out more about them at

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