Thursday, May 17, 2012

Self-Publishing Your Book with Kindle, ePub, PDF, Audio, Video, Web

You have written your book, started a marketing platform and now you are read to publish. Publishing these days is much more than ending up with bound book sitting on your coffee table. It now covers not only a physical book, but also an e-book, something like a Kindle or Nook, a pdf book that might be download off your website, an audio book for your iPod, a book that is read entirely on line, how about streaming video. When publishing you want to look at all of these. Your book is part of a system that brings people into your entire world of products and servies. Plan so that you can take advantage of as many as you can.

This is a constantly changing world with new technologies coming on line everyday. All of the publishers we will cover offer variety of book sizes, along with printing in black/white or color, along with many other options such as binding, covers and marketing assistance. 

Publishing today breaks down to several major formats: the e-book side with Mobie/Kindle controlled by Amazon and epub which is lead by Apple with the iPad and iBook. ePub is also the format that is used buy most of the other portable and tablet readers. The other format is pdf which can be distributed in many different formats from on-line or used to generate print-on-demand books. PDF is a very flexible format that offers you a lot of control over the look and feel of your book.

Over the next several posts we will cover some of the major self-publishing sites.


  1. As you can see, digital publishing is not all fun and games. If you are serious about promoting your book online you should understand that you will no longer be just an author. You also take over the publisher's role and become your own distribution agent. If you're willing to sit down and do a little learning than transforming your book into digital format may be the right thing for you to do.

  2. Thank you for stopping by. I agree with you, I think with the shrinking of books stores your success as an author/publisher will depend on how well you manage your on-line, social media, YouTube etc presence. Discovering books on tables in stores is getting harder and harder when their aren't anymore stores.

    thanks for coming by, you book looks cool.

  3. yeah exactly..! PDF is really very flexible format with we can take control in our hands. it also make e-books easy and interesting to read.

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