Friday, May 4, 2012

Using Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and Twitter to Promote and Market Your Book

In a previous post I talked about using a blog for promoting your book. I believe that very shortly your ability to be a successful author will depend on your ability to mange and promote your book using the popular social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Google+ and whatever are the popular sites in your industry or area. On each platform you can re-post the blog posts, create original content, create links back to your book blog, connect with your community and contribute to the conversation around your topic. Each platform has a different focus and reaches different audiences.

Your book also needs to be integrated into all of the other things you do, displayed and sold when you give talks, listed in your email signature, used as giveaways, and used as a calling card to open doors. Your book is your currency.

Facebook lets you promote the lifestyle around your book writing and marketing efforts, where you go, pictures from your events, the back story, show your studio, all aspects. You can also communicate with your fans and they with you. Facebook makes it easy to engage. Every post you make on your blog needs to be copied over on to these other platforms.

Twitter can be used both ways, outbound and inbound. The major social media platforms are all pretty much integrated into the major blog platforms so it is easy to post to Twitter when I put up a blog post. It is just push a button. Twitter gives you that quick hit, ask a question in the Tweet that you answer on you blog. Twitter is also a great way to follow people and events that relate to what you write about. I think Twitter is kind of a slow burn. You don't see the results all that much but it is a good way to push out content. Twitter will also accept images and video.

Google+ keeps growing and growing. Again I duplicate whatever I do on my blog with my Google+ account. Google treats the information on its own platforms pretty high. Easy to upload images, video and connections. What is interesting about Google+ is that you can select the audience or the parts of your list that will be receiving your message through their circles.

I find Linkedin one of the most powerful platforms to connect with your audience. Using the status box you can post a weekly update on what you are doing our successes or links, etc. Once a week this status goes out to all of your followers. You don't sell here but you contribute, educate, or  just update. I have found it very effective.

The world is moving to video in a huge way. Make a book review, show your book, the features, what it is about. Make these short and make lots of them. Almost any camera will work and your reach is global. Don't worry about being perfect, be you. Make sure you add keywords, a link back to your blog or website, this goes in the description area, have a good title and lots of of descriptive text about the book.

Social media is changing almost on a daily basis, new sites coming on all the time like Goodreads and Pinterest, which is exploding. Try not to get overwhelmed, I usually recommend staying with the major sites and build you platform.

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