Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Using Images to Promote Your Book

Here I am sitting in my studio with the rough manuscript of my How to Publish and Market Your Book. Notice I added the web address right in the photo along the bottom
Images from your book can be a very powerful marketing tool. Google announced recently an increased emphasis on looking at images in search. Images can include the front and back cover, of course pictures or drawings from the inside the book, and author images. If you have a book that is just text how about pictures of your studio, or how your write, the coffee shop that you go to. Or the trip you took to research your book, or pictures of the people in your book. The key here is to record the journey of the writing and the elements inside of your book. People love the back story. In some of my music books. I make sure each image has the web address right in the graphic. Those images have spread all over the internet.  You can see what I have done at http://www.acousticmusictv.com

The second step is to upload your images to as many different places as you can, caption them and give a clear link back to your book blog or website. People use Google search, or Google Images, they see your pictures, click on them and link back. Make sure the images have a clear descriptive title like, Bruce Jones How to Publish Book.jpg instead of a name IMG_34565.jpg. My music pages are on Flickr, Facebook and Google Picasa.

Images should be submitted to Flickr, Google’s Picasa, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and any other photo sharing site that makes sense. All images should be tagged, key worded, and with clear captions, also include your web address if possible. Each actual image should also be marked with contact info and a web address along the bottom.

Here is a really cool technique for after you have published your book. In Amazon you can add images to the “Share Your Own Customer Images” area just below the book cover. This is a great place to showcase the individual pages with an extra description, highlight the key features, and show lots of details. A lot of authors don’t do this, in fact you can do this with any book, help an author with some fan images.


  1. Thanks, that was helpful. Edward Smith.

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