Monday, June 11, 2012

2 Top Print-on-Demand Publishing Sites for Your Books

We have covered the top print-on-demand book publishing site,, in a previous post, now lets look at a couple others. CreateSpace is a great service but they have limited options in the kind of books they make. Focusing on paperback black/white or color helps keep their costs under control and makes for an efficient process. But what if you wanted a hard covered book, or a book with a cover wrap or wanted to produce a high quality coffee table book. Then I would look at two other great sites, and Both of these use the print-on-demand technology so you have no printing or inventory costs and they can distribute out through Amazon and others. print-on-demand site with a nice variety of book options
LuLu is a print-on-demand competitor to but offers more choices for the production and design of your books. CreateSpace seems to control their pricing by offering one standard paperback version. LuLu can offer you paperback, hardcover, hardcover with different bindings; perfect, wire, spiral bound and many others. Along with books they also have photo books, calendars, ebooks, cookbooks, iPad publishing and education calendars, ebooks, cookbooks, iPad publishing and education publishing. They can also offer you design, and marketing services with a variety of packages.

Their quality is excellent and they offer a wide range of publication choices. Along with their own online store that is under your name, they also offer access to Amazon.

Lulu can also convert your book to an ebook for distribution on ePub platforms like the Nook and iBookstore., excellent site for producing high quality art or photography books
Blurb is a very cool high quality print-on-demand book publishing site. Blurb books are geared to photographers, artists and people trying to break into artistic self-publishing. They have a variety of formats from personal to full professional quality books. Blurb can also convert your book to the ePub format. Blurb offers users the ability to build books on-line with their Bookify™ Online app. You can download Booksmart® software and build the book on your computer along with a plug-in that you can use with InDesign.

Photos can be pulled from any number of photo sharing sites including Flickr, Picassa, Facebook, Instagram and your own computer.

Blurb covers the full range from physical books for stores to ebooks for iPad, iPhone and iPod. With a nice range of sizes and amazing quality this is the book producing site for anyone with images.


  1. A short but very informative post! Peecho is another good one to mention. You can also print hardcovers, paperbacks and glossy magazines with them:

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