Saturday, June 23, 2012

How to Write and Publish a Book in 3 Hours

Michael Stewart, the internet audio guy put up a kind of cool video on How to Write a Book in 3 Hours with a Microphone. He walks you through the steps to quickly pull a book together.
  • Basically the steps are make an outline of your book. You don't have to really write anything, just pull together a good outline. 
  • Record the book, based on the outline you wrote using whatever recording software you have in your computer. On a Mac you can use Garage Band, or download Audicity for Mac or PC or any number of recording programs. Do a little editing to clean it up.
  • Get the book transcribed, or if you have DragonSpeak transcription software, just let it do it. 
  • Then layout it out in Word or a desktop publishing program like InDesign or Apple Pages, anything that can save a file in PDF, 
  • Upload the PDF to print-on-demand site CreateSpace, or the text file to Kindle Direct Publishing.
  • And finally use the supplied templates or contact a local graphic designer to build a cover and there you go. 
It seems pretty easy, in reality it is a little harder but overall it is not all that hard.


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