Sunday, November 4, 2012

Clips to Scenes to Sequences to Story, the Basic Blocks of any Video Story

Stories are built by bringing together some essential pieces of information and putting them together in a specific order. It is a process whether you are doing it in print or in video. The process involves clips combined together to build scenes, which you combine several scenes together to form sequences and then ultimately stories. It is a process that can be learned, and it is a process that is covered from all angles by former Newsweek Photographer, Bill Gentile and the Video Journalism Workshops. A four day course held in Washington DC several times a year and covers a number of topics including:
  • Articulate story ideas.
  • Capture powerful images and clean sound.
  • Recognize and cultivate dramatic story arcs.
  • Conduct compelling, in-depth interviews.
  • Write powerful treatments and scripts.
  • Narrate stories.
  • Edit for maximum impact.

We are starting to move in several directions lately in the art of storytelling, we have the print and traditional publishing with books, newspapers, even blogs, but we also now have powerful tool,  video and using video to tell compelling powerful stories. Combining video and print together and you have a powerful tool. We can't keep these two are independent, they must work together and Bill is able to tell us how to do this in his course Video Journalism Workshops.

In this video Bill talks to use about the process and about building powerful stories. To learn more about the workshop please visit and if you decide to take the course please remember to use our special discount code "BJONES" for a reduced rate.

I took this course when it first started and it really helped me with telling stories with video. To learn more about the course please visit

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