Sunday, November 4, 2012

How to Use a Tripod When You Are Shooting Video

Telling stories takes all kinds of formats these days. I often talk about do an action once and use the results in many different formats, print, audio, books, and video. Video is becoming such a powerful force that you much include it in any discussion of publishing. They are all merging. Just look at Apple's new iBookAuthor program, it merges all different kinds of media together. Lately I have been working with Bill Gentile and the Video Journalism Workshops in Washington DC. Bill teaches how to tell powerful stories using images and video.

My role is to teach the students about social media and what to do after you make your video. One of my big messages is to set up and use a blog to write about your efforts, and fill-in the back story with pictures and words. But also to tell with video the effort of building a story. One of the tools in his workshop is a tripod. This video tells you the proper way to use your tripod to help keep your camera steady and get the best possible video.

The Video Journalism Workshops are held in Washington DC several times a year and are a great way to learn the art of story telling using images and video. In association with the VJW course we are able to offer a special discount of the workshop price. Please visit the Video Journalism Workshops and learn more about this powerful program. To get the discount use the code BJONES at time of check out.

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