Sunday, November 4, 2012

Video Journalism Workshops New Field Manual

I work on all kind of projects and one of the coolest lately has been on helping Bill Gentile of Video Journalism Workshops of Washington DC produce and get the online version of his course up and running. Using all of the publishing skills that I have learned over the past couple of years we were able to pull together a field manual for the workshop. A book with all the information that Bill teaches in his course. We will now be taking this book and building it out to a full college text book that he will use with his college students at American University. Producing a book these days has become very easy and also very easy to print. The gate keepers are down and we can now bring our projects to the market.

Book, Essential Video Journalism Field Manual by Bill Gentile
The Essential Video Journalism Field Manual by Bill Gentile
To learn more about the Video Journalism Workshops course on telling powerful, compelling stories using images and words in video check out and if you choose to take the course remember to use the code BJONES for a special discount.

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