Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Start Publishing Your Stories, Keep them Short and Get Them Out

2012 will be the year of the explosion in self publishing. It is happening all over from Amazon, to Smashingwords to Lulu, BookTango, all kinds of places. The key is keep them short and keep producing. It is getting kind of crazy to keep track of all the places, kind of like the wild west.

Here is a nice round up article from, one of my favorite places to keep up to dates.
Why 2012 was the year of the e-single. Laura Hazard Owen writes about the changes in publishing from longer form writing down to 5,000-30,000 word articles. And also about how newspapers and other places are bundling up their articles and publishing them as short book. It is wide open for all to take advantage of.

If you can write and put these articles up on line you can make money, especially if you can do it yourself. Get writing

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